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One objective of the Worklife Ability Network according to its action plan is to establish a Worklife University. The university will enhance Finland's profile as a centre of worklife ability. At present there is no university specialized in modern worklife issues in Finland.

Establishment of the University
The Worklife University is being planned by the Worklife Ability Network, whose consultative committee unanimously proposes the establishment of the university. The consultative committee has representatives of the “cloverleaf” parties, that is, workplaces, authorities, organizations and most prominent institutions offering worklife-related education..

The consultative committee finds it important that the operation of the Worklife University will be coordinated by the Worklife Ability Network and take place in the form of a novel multichannel and multilevel cooperation that the network organization with its diversified expertise already represents. In the opinion of the consultative committee, a worklife university based on the Worklife Ability Network and its principles provides an excellent opportunity to centralize presently scattered resources and gear them towards the development of ability and future competitiveness in a constantly globalizing economy.

Through its networked operation the Worklife University will ensure interactive university-level education and research closely related to worklife as well as their continued development with due consideration to the actual relevant needs of different parties and work organizations involved at any given moment.

The Project is Advancing
To promote its goal the network organization has submitted a project plan on the launching of charting work for the Worklife University without delay. The project plan does not aim at establishing or building up a new institution but systematic utilization and coordination of diverse existing worklife-related expertise and creation of new abilities. Thus the project is primarily concerned with the qualitative, operative and structural development of education and the promotion of the ability profile.

Among others, the 2007 – 2008 realization plan of the Regional Programme for the Tampere region perceives that a central role in the development of the region is played by projects aimed at the development of worklife ability and work communities, such as the charting work for the establishment of Worklife University.

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