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Handbook of Worklife Ability

The first Handbook of Worklife Ability (ISBN 978-952-5264-75-3) is a unique reference work that gathers interdisciplinary worklife ability in one volume. The book is particularly welcome and important because worklife ability is a key factor in the success of enterprises in a constantly globalizing economy. The examples, procedures and solutions presented in the book make it easier to develop work organizations and work communities towards success. The book tells how to create and maintain an interactive work culture that promotes the development of ability and financial success of an enterprise. The handbook is a practical reference work that can be used by managers, supervisors, shop stewards, officials, employees, students and educational organizations. The printed book consists of 370 colour pages. If you are interested in the book, please do not hesitate to contact the editor Dr. Olavi Manninen (olavi.manninen@gmail.com).

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