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A diversified, international enterprise and work life oriented network that is based in Pirkanmaa and focuses on proactive improvement of worklife ability in work organisations. The exceptionally large and multi-faceted network organisation is the result of determined development and cooperation with dozens of domestic and foreign partners. The network adheres to the principle of open communication and appreciates the special abilities of the involved actors, and is divided into a Learning network and a Business network. The networks connect different “cloverleaf” parties representing worklife ability in a new way. The slogan of the network is "Well- being and ability spell success".

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Interactions with environments as tools for well-being
ICCEF 2016 Conference 18 – 20 September 2016 in Tampere, Finland

Environments, early damages and diseases
ICCEF 2013 Conference, Wuhan, China
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Work among the elderly
ICCEF 2011 Conference
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Book: Work Among the Elderly
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Expert in worklife ability – training program
Autumn 2013 and spring 2014

Working culture, life management and wilingness to continue working 2007

Worklife ability expert meeting
ICCEF 2007 Conference Tampere, Finland
Publications on Work life ability

Worklife ability expert meeting
ICCEF 2009 Conference Hakusan, Japan
Publications on Work life ability